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Complaint Service

The Service Provider applies the complaint handling procedure contained in the General Terms and Conditions. (link here) If you wish to make a complaint, please return the complaint protocol below to one of our contact details, which we will respond to immediately. You have the opportunity to make a complaint on the website available for European Union citizens at the following link:

The registered office of the Service Provider is: 1145 Budapest, Komócsy u. 15.

Service provider name: Kernel Group 2003 Kft.

Service provider email address:



Customer name, order number:

Customer's permanent address, registered office, mailing address:

Your phone number and email address:

Method of notification:

Place, time and method of presenting the complaint:

Detailed description of the complaint, indicating the reason for the complaint and the specific needs:

Copies of documents supporting the complaint: attached/none

List of documents, documents and other evidence presented by the client:


jkv receiving clerk                                        customer submitting a complaint

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