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DYMO Junior Embossing Label Maker

DYMO Junior Embossing Label Maker
€ 12.86 (€ 10.13 + VAT)
Model: 12746
Manufacturer article number: S0717900
Availability: In stock
Expected delivery: June 26, 2024
Loyalty points available to receive: 41
  • Turn and click is ergonomically designed for comfortable use by adults and children
  • Text can be centred on the label by the use of the start/stop marks "Two thumb" cutting operation makes cutting easy for children and seniors
  • Front exit tape "shows as it goes."
  • ABS construction is ultra-durable for extra long life
  • Easy to load tape cassette
€ 12.86 (€ 10.13 + VAT)
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Junior Embossing Label Maker:

This embosser is so simple to use, you'll actually have fun with it.

Just use the "turn and click" mechanism and try your hand at creating attractive embossed labels for almost anything that "calls out" for organization: like your child's notebooks or toy closet, or your garage workshop, CD cases, even files, binders and folders for important documents.

Great for kids' projects, too. "Make your words and numbers stick" on 9mm wide embossing tape that's pre-loaded for your convenience.

Only use with DYMO Self-Adhesive Embossing Labels!



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