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Permanent Polyester Labels 12mmx5,5m

Permanent Polyester Labels 12mmx5,5m
Model: 187610
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  • Permanent Polyester labels are durable, suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Professional, polished finish ideal for panels, blocks, faceplates, shelves, bins, beams and more 
  • Industrial-strength adhesive labels won't curl or fall off. Easy-to-peel split back design makes applying labels quick and easy
  • Thermal transfer printing technology, so label text won't smudge, smear, or fade
  • Continuous label cassettes let you create sharp, easy-to-read labels of just about any length
  • Made in Belgium. Compatible with all Dymo Rhino label printers
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Permanent Polyester Labels 12mmx5,5m Black on Metallic (18761)
€ 25.82 (€ 20.33 + VAT)
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Permanent Polyester Labels 12mmx5,5m Black on White (18764, S0718060, 18483, S0718210)
€ 25.82 (€ 20.33 + VAT)
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Permanent Polyester Labels 12mmx5,5m Black on Clear (622289)
€ 25.82 (€ 20.33 + VAT)
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Label it fast, label it once, and label it right. Dymo Industrial labels are tough-jobsite tested and UL recognized. Industrial-strength adhesives resist moisture, extreme temperatures, UV light and more -so labels won't curl or fall off. Thermal transfer printing means labels won't smudge, smear or fade. Choose up to 24 mm label widths in a broad assortment of materials and colors that meet OSHA, ANSI, and ISO standards. Permanent polyester is ideal for panels, blocks, face plates, shelves, bins and beams; and vinyl is the best option for outdoor or extreme conditions. Dymo Industrial heat-shrink tubes are perfect for high-end cable identification and are tested to SAE, ASTM and military specifications to ensure durability and performance. All Dymo Industrial labels are distributed from an easy-to-load cartridge, and with a split-back design, peeling and applying is quick and easy. Dymo Industrial labels are designed to work exclusively with Dymo Rhino printers and to perform on a variety of surfaces.


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